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Video Experiences. Tailored.


We develop empowering solutions for publishers which enable them to enhance their users' experiences with real time contextually curated videos tailored to their interests.

ADVINTEO brings years of video and mobile technology knowledge under one roof -  promising to change the way video content and advertising are delivered. We provide data powered unique video publishing solutions, premium ad products, unique inventory and exceptional customer service.

Our team is comprised of ad tech veterans and top industry leaders, committed to positioning Advinteo at the forefront of the digital media industry through transparent and scalable cross-device solutions.

and what we do

Who we are

New Inventory

Create new limitless video inventory to monetize your audience. Advinteo provides publishers with an extensive video content library to match the right video to the right audience.

Incremental Revenue

Make additional revenue without displacing any standard video ad units. We create new inventory with an opportunity to make incremental revenue.

User Experience

We select and surface video content based on users context improving the user experience. Respect your audience by using video units that are user-initiated, allowing your users' to control their experience with the video


Our Tech Keeps Users Engaged

 ADVINTEO's video content recommendation solution helps publishers and mobile app developer to boost their video selection, increase overall video views and enhance user experience.

Our all-in-one solution will automatically recommend, play and monetize the most relevant videos based on the context and the right moment, using state of the art patent backed AI technology.

Among our trusted partners:


Quality Content

Access thousands of top quality videos from top content creators and our own team that will create tailor made content produces for you. 

Yield Management

Partner with Advinteo to monetize your video inventory at maximum revenue potential. Deliver campaigns from our direct advertisers and trusted programmatic exchanges to maximize the revenue potential for every impression.  Publishers can add their own advertisers and direct deals to ensure meet business goals.

Mobile Gameplay

Game developer can utilize our disruptive game-guides mobile games product.
Advinteo's gaming influencers will curate and produce the best content for your game.
Keep users in the app for longer and boost loyalty and retention.



Premium in-stream video placement and user acquisition

We improve and simplify the video advertising experience for brands and agencies while staying true to the user experience. With site-level transparency, deep content meta data, enhanced targeting, and only premium publishers, we are a one-stop shop for video advertisers and media owners.

Contextual content ads

Ability to target the content context of the site and the video content following the ad

Profile based Targeting

Target the audience characteristics that should be viewing the ad based on our first party data or yours

Placement Transparency

100% site level and page level transparency and 100% viewability

Deep analytics

Real time analytics on user interactions with the content and ad

 Highly engaged audience

Right context and content matching ensures the audience is fully engaged


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