Introducing  Vento game

Our revolutionary game guide product opens up a world of GVC that can be a part of your mobile gaming title.

Vento shows the right users (based on your data) a much needed game-guide at the right moment.

Leverage this to win them over and boost loyalty while keeping them in your app generating more  revenues. 

Player reach a challenging boss fight


Game over for the 3rd time


The player can choose game guide help


Watch the game guide and learn


Dive back to game


  • New Options

    The best players want to win by themselves.
     Show them love by helping them do just that.

  • New Revenue

    Take back the  ad dollars that are generated by your audience outside of your app. 

  • Better Retention

    Keep more users in by serving them engaging game-guides tailor made for you. Re-Engaging lost players with a valuable video is game changer.

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